Our Approach to Fighting Cancer

We get a lot of inquiries from around the world since we created this website for one of our family members in 2004. We decided to summarize what we learned from our research, the methods we used to beat ATC cancer, and the changes that we have made in our lifestyles. The information posted on this website is what we used to beat cancer. It is important to read all the information so you can make informed decisions. Please keep in mind that we are not doctors or healthcare experts. We are ordinary people just like you. Before you read our step-by-step approach, please note that the information posted here is based on our personal opinion, experience and views. We should also point out that we have not, and do not gain monetarily from any products, services, or treatments posted on this website. The information posted here is only to share our experience with general public with the hope that people can benefit from our experience.

Based on our research, we firmly believe our solution to fighting cancer applies to all forms of cancer, not just ATC.


There is no magic pill or potion that you can take to get rid of cancer. We realize that the initial discovery is a shock to the people who are diagnosed with cancer as well as others around them. However, no one can fight cancer for you as well as you can. You must have the desire to live and fight cancer. When the doctors tell you that you may have less than 10% chance to survive cancer then you should have the believe and desire to be among the 10% who survive because doctors are human and they can be wrong. In our case, we realized that there is not enough data for the doctors to make claims that one has less than 10% chance to live once diagnosed with ATC cancer. Someone posted that claim on a website and everyone copied that information verbatim on other websites. As a result, people (including doctors) took that claim as a gospel truth. The moral of the story: don’t believe everything you read on the web. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.


Most of the content on this website was researched in 2004, although there are some sections that we have updated (such as this page, information on products to raise pH, pH testers, etc.). One of the big challenges that we faced during our research was how to separate the facts from fiction. You may feel that there are a lot of websites that try and sell you all kinds of stuff and take advantage of cancer patients because they know they are desperate and will try anything. With a cancer like ATC, we didn’t have time to experiment with every lotion and potion until we found the cure. In addition, because we are not doctors, we wanted to make sure that everything we did was known to, and approved by, our doctors. Internet is an ocean of knowledge base. We decided to tap into that resource, sift through the pieces, and then extract the pertinent information to find a cure for cancer.


Our approach was to fight cancer by using methods that were safe and natural. The items that we used to raise our pH levels were all natural (e.g., fruits and vegetables). The Ploy-MVA supplement was approved by our doctor as a safe product. Even the supplement for nausea from the radiation treatment was a natural supplement (Apazin). We were confident that the methods we used will definitely be approved by our doctors, and they were. We also decided to attack cancer on all fronts: diet, supplements, exercise, radiation, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, etc. What you will notice in our approach is that nothing in our treatment was controversial or risky and everything was safe, natural, and approved by all the doctors and healthcare experts that were involved in the treatment.

Here’s how we would summarize what we feel is the best way to beat any cancer, including ATC.

    1. Positive attitude
      We believe that having a positive attitude and the desire to live is a key to fighting cancer. As Sharee said in her blog on April 16, 2004 “I don’t believe many people understand that you have tremendous power over your body. Your mind is the most powerful muscle you possess – and yet we fill it with self doubt and negativity. As a NOW cancer survivor please take it from me – ANYTHING you put your mind to you can accomplish. I don’t mean you can accomplish alone and there is a big difference.”
    2. Support from family and friends
      Although having a positive attitude is important, it is very difficult to beat cancer without the support of people around you (friends, family, or anyone else close to you). The support from people close to you makes a huge difference in fighting cancer.
    3. Alkalize your body by raising pH of your saliva between 7.5 – 8.5
      Based on our research we discovered that if a person’s saliva pH is between 6.0 and 6.5, that person is becoming acidic and therefore may develop one or more of 150 degenerative diseases if the pH stays at that level for a long time. A healthy person’s saliva pH should be between 7.2 and 7.5. We discovered that the cancer cells can become dormant if you raise pH of your saliva to slightly above 7.4. If you raise your saliva pH to 8.5, cancer cells can die without affecting other cells. NOTE: Every reference to pH level on this website has to do with a person’s saliva pH.

      Our findings were based on Dr. Otto Warburg’s hypothesis. He received the Nobel Prize in the category Physiology or Medicine 1931. You will find more details on our page Cancer & pH. For us, Dr. Warburg’s discovery was the foundation for our plan to fight cancer. Our research showed that the number one cause of cancer was related to diet and alcohol (tobacco was #2).

Alcohol is extremely acidic. Eliminating alcohol completely from your diet is essential and it helps alkalize your body. Most cancer treatment centers will tell you that you need to start the treatment by eliminating alcohol from your diet. They are indirectly telling you that you need to alkalize your body. If a doctor tells you to quit coffee and soft drinks, she just told you to quit drinking highly acidic drinks and alkalize your body. Read everything on this website that relates to pH balance, especially all the pages under Diet & Recipes heading. This information is key to good health for everyone, not just cancer patients.

Did you know that alcohol can not only cause cancer, it can also cause heart disease and many other noncommunicable diseases? In addition, even a “moderate” amount of alcohol can adversely affect nearly every part of the brain. Visit Cancer & Alcohol page for our more recent research on this topic.

We used this Food Chart, and continue to use it today, as a guideline for balancing our pH level. Back in 2004, we used an older model of the pH meter (IQ120) to test our pH level using the saliva test. That pH meter is no longer manufactured. It has been replaced with IQ130 pH meter, which we are currently using. In 2004, we didn’t know about Cell Power, or else it would have been our #1 choice to increase our saliva pH level. Visit our Cell Power page for more information.
Cell Power
Make sure your doctors are aware of any supplements that you are taking, to ensure they won’t interfere with their treatment plans.

    1. Poly-MVA
      During our research we discovered Poly-MVA and we believe it was the most important discovery for our fight against cancer. We read everything we could find on this product. The product was relatively expensive at that time, but we found it was well worth the money we spent. We wanted to make sure that it was safe and that our doctors will approve it. When we called AMARC Enterprises (the company that sells Poly-MVA), they encouraged us to share the ingredients with our oncologist and then ask him to call them. We did. Our oncologist talked to them and declared Poly-MVA to be safe for consumption. We used the product by following the guidelines recommended by the experts at AMARC Enterprises. Poly-MVA was an essential part of our plan to fight cancer.
      Make sure your doctors are aware of any supplements that you are taking, to ensure they won’t interfere with their treatment plans.
    2. Radiation
      ATC is a cancer that grows very rapidly. Although we wanted to try the relatively long-term solutions (see item #3 and #4) that may take weeks or months, we also realized that radiation was necessary to kill the existing cancer cells, while we continue to work on additional treatments (Poly-MVA, raising pH level, massage, yoga, acupuncture, etc.).
    3. Miscellaneous
      In addition to the five items listed above, we also used other techniques as part of our approach, such as working with a nutritionist on a 6-week vegetarian diet, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and working out with a personal trainer. Luckily, Sharee had documented all this information on her blog in 2004.


Although we feel that beating cancer requires all the things that we have listed above in our approach, Sharee mentioned in her blog that she believed that raising her pH level and using Poly-MVA were the two key reasons why we were able to successfully overcome ATC cancer.

We created this site in 2004 and have been updating the information whenever possible. If you are wondering how you can alkalize your body and increase your pH level now (2022), our answer would be to:

  1. Use this Food Chart as a guide for a healthy diet and increase your pH level.
  2. Use Cell Power to keep your energy level up and increase your pH level. Ask the manufacturer for the recommended dose for cancer patients.
  3. Use Poly-MVA. Ask the manufacturer for the recommended dose for cancer patients.
  4. Check the pH of your saliva with a pH meter to get it between 7.5 and 8.5.

Make sure your doctors are aware of any supplements that you are taking, to ensure they won’t interfere with their treatment plans.

We hope the information on this website helps you and your loved ones.

Don’t ever give up the fight against cancer!

Last Update: April 15, 2022