A Cancer Battle Plan
Six Strategies for Beating Cancer, from a Recovered "Hopeless Case"
An updated edition of the comprehensive nutritional plan one woman used to become completely cancer-free, "A Cancer Battle Plan" presents an invaluable nutritional program for anyone wishing to recover or perpetuate their good health.

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet
An Innovative Program for Riding Your Body of Acidic Wastes
Balancing the body's acid-alkaline pH factor is a dynamic way to improve health. Based on Eastern medicinal practices, this book advocates a sensible food-combination program in conjunction with herbal medicine therapies to balance the positively charged acidic particles in the body with the negatively charged particles.

First Pulse: A Personal Journey in Cancer Research
First Pulse is the story of Dr Garnett's forty-year search for a non toxic chemotherapy cure for cancer. The end result is his synthesis of Poly-MVA which is currently undergoing clinical trials.

The Journey
A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free
Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus, which was causing internal bleeding. While her surgeon advised immediate removal, Bays, an alternative health-care worker, persuaded the doctor to allow her to try natural methods to reduce the size of the tumor...and she did. Find out how.


Additional Notes
Miscellaneous information related to cancer, including survival stories, books, and the latest treatments being evaluated to cure cancer.

Cancer Dictionary
Not sure what some of the medical terms mean? Check out this dictionary on the National Cancer Institute's Web site.


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